War Pirates

Become a pirate and manage your own crew



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War Pirates is an RTS where you recruit pirates for your very own crew. The idea is to make sure your crew thrives while you recruit new members and improve your fleet that travels the seven seas.

The game includes a management component that puts you in charge of acquiring new ships and supervising your crew of buccaneers. Everything revolves around gathering and transforming resources by opening up the app and playing regularly – the standard gameplay in Freemium games.

You can also control part of the development of the battles that take place, though your pirates' moves and the invasion of enemy ships are computer-based. Don’t worry, though, as plenty of attacks are still left up to you: you're manually responsible for attacks with the canon, for instance, and your pirates’ direction and area of special-skill attacks.

War Pirates is a super fun RTS that's clearly based on the famous manganime One Piece. With the story mode, you can get to know up to 70 different pirates to add to your crew and share tons of different fantasy-inflected challenges and situations.
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